Come arrivare e muoversi

in provincia di Trapani

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By plane

In the province of Trapani are operating two airports: the Pantelleria airport, managed by Company GAP (Airport Management Pantelleria) and in Trapani 'V. Florio, managed by the company Airgest. The airport of Pantelleria has completed a phase of restructuring began in 2009 with several projects intend to bring the structure of Pantelleria in the coming years to accommoda te 300,000 passengers. Instead, the airport of Trapani is currently in a phase of great development, with new market strategies Ryanair, which has expanded its operations for various domestic and International destinations.

The airport "V. Florio is especially equipped for passengers handicapped by a series of Services:

• Dining friend waiting downstairs where trained personnel;
• Check-in custom;
• Presence of qualified staff;
• 18 parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the ports of entry /exit;
• Ambulift for passengers in wheelchairs, platform high to allow easy access inside the aircraft.

As for the passengers blind, the transport of guide dogs free of charge, no weight limits and without the need for container. In addition, the guide dog can be brought with you in the cabin, as long as there is plenty of muzzle and leash, is crouched on the floor at the foot of the passenger and consistent the simultaneous presence of other visually impaired passengers by guide dogs. It must be remembered that on flights Ryanair is allowed, obviously based on the conditions of the airplane, carrying a number maximum of four dogs per flight. If for reasons of space can not be transported dogs in the cabin, then the company expects the possibility that animals should be in the hold with the possibility of movement.

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By car or bus

The province Trapani is crossed from the A29 with path from Palermo to Mazara del Vallo, 119 km long, and Alcamo a branch west to Trapani and Marsala about 45 km. As for the highways, provincial and municipal province has a total length of roads 1.329 kilometers.

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To move in Trapani you can use the buses of ATM. All the buses are accessible. Download timetables.

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By train

The province has a rail link Palermo-Trapani crossing Castelvetrano. Travelers in a wheelchair who wanted come into our territory by train, should Trenitalia to give prior notice to in due course arrange the necessary space. In addition, the station is part of Trapani circuit service for disabled passengers.

Trenitalia webisite:

By boat

Ports Trapani and Mazara del Vallo, there are connections with Aegadian and Pantelleria ships and hydrofoils enough equipped for the reception the disabled, by providing a service Boarding manual with qualified personnel. For long journeys the assets in service cabins are equipped with elevators and under.

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In Trapani there is a cableway for Mount Erice. The cableway is accessible. Download price and times.